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Why we’ve created Fundraising Blueprint

From experience, we know that the exact words used in a request for funds are absolutely critical to success. Yet how does the ordinary person know what or how to write?

Output is everything

And, in fundraising output is everything. Putting together a monthly output of, say, 100 trust applications, 50 emails to local companies, 1000 letters to potential cash donors, 300 approaches to wealthy benefactors, 20 contacts with local solicitors, multiple social media posts and ads takes a lot of time and effort.

Yet, sending approaches to multiple sources of funds on a regular, organised basis, is the key to success to fundraising.

Within reach

To bring all of this within reach of small charities is the reason we created Fundraising Blueprint. Using the instruction and pre-written document templates in Fundraising Blueprint will enable anyone to produce successful funding requests, from Charity Director or Trustee to any volunteer.

Fundraising Blueprint is produced by a team of 5 fundraisers and communicators specialising in digital, online and offline media.

Our mission is to help smaller charities raise the money they need for the vital, on the ground, local work they do. With the cuts in local authority funding in recent years and now COVID-19, it is even more important that smaller charities have the resources to fill the void in local services.

Why small charities struggle to raise funds

Research conducted by Raisemore,  Fundraising Blueprints sister agency, has highlighted why smaller charities struggle to raise the money they need. The conclusions are very clear and are backed up by research carried out by other influential bodies, such as the Association of Chairs (of charity trustees) and NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations).

Smaller charities struggle for two main reasons:

1. lack of technical fundraising know-how – they find it very difficult to build knowledge of the nuts and bolts of how full-spectrum fundraising actually works ( full-spectrum meaning the kind of across-the-board fundraising that the big charities do).


2. they struggle to hire, pay and retain fundraisers who do have practical knowledge of the full spectrum of fundraising.

Over-reliance on events and community fundraising

As a result, smaller charities place an over-reliance on events and trust applications. Most do not have any ongoing individual giving fundraising campaigns at all.

This means they miss out on donations from individuals which are the life-blood of most of the top 100 fundraising charities. 90% of all charity donations are from individuals. Small charities are missing out on this.

Local donors want to give to small charities locally

All this when the same research shows conclusively that local donors far prefer to support local causes, where they can directly see their money making a difference. It’s just that these donors are simply not asked.

Leveling the playing field

Fundraising Blueprint is setting out to correct this imbalance we’re providing to smaller charities the proper nuts and bolts knowhow to do exactly the same kind of fundraising the big charities do, just on a smaller scale.

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