Read here some of the positive things charities have said about their experience of using the techniques and methods set out in Fundraising Blueprint. As you see, these techniques have helped numerous small charities raise a lot of much needed money.

Selective Focus on Grass

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"We are really pleased with the friendly and professional relationship we have with them. ………as a small charity we really appreciate their help”


Lynne, Animal Rescue Farm

Bee on Flower

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“As well as taking us from nothing to surprisingly good results… we will now be in a position to help fund vital work”


Gareth, Animal Rescue

Rock in Sand

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“Within 3 months we’ve landed 2 significant grants and have a fundraising programme any much larger charity would be proud of”


Rod S, Desert Rats Association.

Science Lab

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“…It has given us a regular source of income which underpins our core costs….”


Trustee, Cancer and Polio Research.

Icelandic Horses

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"As time has gone on they have gone from strength to strength for us. They can reach possible donors far greater than we can ourselves. ….they have consistently raised much needed funds, especially in this time of recession."

Maureen Rolls, South West Equine Protection