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As a member you get this complete ‘toolkit’ to help your organization raise more money:

1. A Blueprint for Fundraising – a 250 page comprehensive ‘how to’ manual on fundraising from all the key sources.

Its 250 pages provide guidance on how to fundraise effectively from all of the key sources.

“ if you only ever own one book on fundraising and fundraising regulation, make sure its this one…” Founder, Animal Rescue Charity.

‘ A Blueprint for Fundraising’ is based on over 40 years of accumulated fundraising experience by the Team at Raisemore and applied in over 2000 campaigns. You can rely completely on its straightforward explanation and easy to follow guidance.

As you’ll see, its 250 pages provide guidance on how to fundraise effectively from all of the key sources.


The contents of ‘Blueprint‘ are:



Overview. How to Fundraise – a quick tour of the scope of fundraising and what to expect from its various methods.

Chapter 1. How Effective Fundraising works: organised fundraising or just collecting money.

Chapter 2. Clearpath: The Blueprint Fundraising Optimisation System

Chapter 3. Digital Fundraising

Chapter 4. A strategy for individual giving

Chapter 5. Direct mail fundraising

Chapter 6. Major Gifts Fundraising

Chapter 7. Fundraising for capital projects

Chapter 8. Legacy and In Memoriam Fundraising

Chapter 9. Fundraising from Grant Making Trusts

Chapter 10. Fundraising from Companies

Chapter 11. Events and Community Fundraising

Chapter 12. Fundraising Law and Regulation

Chapter 13. Fundraising and tax

Chapter 14. Risk Assessment

Appendix 1. Extract from ‘Designs for Fundraising’

Appendix 2. Extract from ‘Getting Major Gifts’

Appendix 3. Extract from ‘The Science of Persuasion’

‘A Blueprint for Fundraising’ acts as an instruction manual on fundraising techniques for anyone who isn’t a seasoned practitioner. It acts as a training resource for people who are new to the industry. And it acts as a refresher for those whose knowledge is a bit rusty.

The Fundraising Blueprint

2. Charity Trustee and Directors’ Briefing.

Our regular monthly briefing reports on:

How fundraising techniques, especially digital and social are evolving.

How tried and tested methods are holding up (or not!).

What’s working and what isn’t.

Insights into all the key issues in discussion in the fundraising world.

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