Individual Giving Legacy and In Memoriam Fundraising Documents Bundle


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  1. Legacy Fundraising Guidebook – Fundraising for Gifts in Wills and In Memoriam
  2. Legacies – the basics (A quick summary of the basics of legacy fundraising)
  3. Assets checklist (Part of your charity’s legacy fundraising “toolkit”. Give this document to prospective legacy donors to help them document the assets they may want to give away)
  4. A good example of a Certificate of Membership to use alongside a legacy giving circle (Use this Certificate to recognise new members of a legacy giving circle)
  5. Codicil Wording (Use this wording to guide donors in changing their will)
  6. Creating a Communication and Cultivation Programme
  7. Example of “Our charity’s story” (A key part of your legacy fundraising toolkit is Your Charity’s Story. Here’s how to create it)
  8. Example of wording for legacy leaflet
  9. General legacy promotion letter (Here’s a good example of a legacy promotion letter)
  10. Guide to Types of Legacy Gift (A quick summary of the different types of legacy gift you can ask for)
  11. Kick-Starting Your Legacy Programme (An easy to follow plan to get your legacy fundraising programme off to a good start)
  12. Legacy leaflet example (A good working example of a legacy leaflet)
  13. Legacy Mailing – Annual Update (Send this letter to introduce an Annual Update on the charity’s work for donors)
  14. Legacy Mailing Example (Here’s a good example of a legacy promotion letter)
  15. Legacy Mailing Following Annual Report (Here’s a good example of a legacy promotion letter to accompany an Annual Report/Review)
  16. Legacy Officer Job Description (If you want to recruit a legacy officer, use this job description)
  17. Legacy Pledge Form (Invite supporters to let you know they intend to include a gift in their will)
  18. Letter to chair outlining responsibilities (If you have a Chair of a Fundraising Committee or Trustee who agrees to lead fundraising, this letter can help to clarify responsibilities)
  19. Make a Will Leaflet example (Use this template as a basis for a general Make a Will leaflet or Email)
  20. Review Your WiII IeafIet (Use this as a basis for an invitation to donors to review their will Email)
  21. Role Description – Legacy Working Group Chair (This document provides a description of the role of a Legacy Working Group Chair)
  22. Solicitors first meeting letter (Use this letter to invite local solicitors to meet with you to discuss ways of working together)
  23. Solicitors follow up letter (Use this letter to follow up the first meeting with local solicitors)
  24. Thank you letter – invitation acceptance (Send this letter to thank a new member of your Legacy Giving Circle)
  25. Thank You Letter Following No to Legacy Letter (Use this letter to politely thank a person who declines to join your Legacy Giving Circle)
  26. Thank You Letter for Legacy Support (An alternative example of a thank you letter for joining a Legacy Giving Circle)
  27. Will Planning Guide

All these documents and guides are available individually if you don’t need the complete set.

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Individual Giving - Legacy FundraisingIndividual Giving Legacy and In Memoriam Fundraising Documents Bundle