All Legacy & In Memoriam Fundraising Documents

Guidebook: Legacy Fundraising

Legacies — the basics

A Legacy Mailing example

Assets checklist

A good example of a Certificate of Membership to use alongside a legacy giving circle

Example of "Our charity's story"

Example of wording for legacy leaflet

Founders thank you letter

General Legacy Mailing

General legacy promotion letter 1

Guide to Types of Legacy Gift

Kick-Starting Your Legacy Programme

Legacy leaflet example

Legacy leaflet exampIe 2

Legacy Mailing - Annual Update

Legacy Mailing Example 2

Legacy Mailing Following Annual Report

Legacy mailing-annual report

Legacy Officer Job Description

Legacy Pledge Form

Letter to chair outlining responsibiIities 

Make - a - Will - Leaflet copy example

Review—Your WiII IeafIet

Role Description - Legacy Working Group Chair

Solicitors first meeting letter

Solicitors follow up letter

Thank you letter - invitation acceptance

Thank You Letter Following No to Legacy Letter

Thank You Letter for Legacy Support

Will Planning Guide

Thank you letters

General thank you letter

All Legacy & In Memoriam Fundraising Documents