9 Great tips for writing appeals

We’re all looking for that silver bullet that’s going to double response to postal and email appeals. Believe me, these are very few and far between. But here are a few techniques that will definitely lift response, even if they don’t double it.

  1. Cut out wild graphics on outer envelopes.

  2. Make sure it’s clear the mailing comes from a charity.

  3. Start the letter or other main document with a short paragraph of eight words or less.

  4. Don’t blind the reader with statistics about the extent of the problem; state the problem and then tell the reader how you, the writer, feel about the problem.

  5. Make the first ask within the first 4 paragraphs then at least 3 times more before the end.

  6. Ensure your core proposition is repeated in the PS.

  7. Omit fancy leaflets altogether.

  8. Don’t use celebrities unless they have an established track record of involvement in your type of work. Believe it or not, some will actually reduce response.

  9. And lastly, make sure that what you are talking about is absolutely clear. Give the reader everything they need to know before the first fold.

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