Guidebook: A guide to fundraising for repeat cash gifts by sending polite letters (otherwise known as ‘Direct Mail’).

A practical guide to sending polite but effective letters to members of the public asking for help

Annual Fund advance notification

Use this letter to give donors advance notification that you are shortly going to launch your Annual Fund Appeal

Annual Fund Appeal

Use this letter to launch your charity’s annual appeal to cash donors

Case History Appeal 

Use this letter as the basis for an appeal based on a compelling case history of a beneficiary of the charity’s work.

Summer Appeal 1

Use this letter to launch a Summer Appeal

Summer Appeal 2

Use this alternative letter to launch a Summer Appeal

Volunteer Appeal

Use this letter to invite members of the public to volunteer for your charity

Emergency Funding Appeal 1

Use this letter to raise funds to cover an unexpected emergency

Emergency Funding Appeal 2

Use this Alternate letter to cover an unexpected emergency.


Guidebook: Individual Giving: Fundraising For Major Gifts

A practical guide to gaining the support of wealthy local and national benefactors


Gift Table

Use this tool for planning every Major Gifts campaign. It helps you decide if you have sufficient prospects at every level of gift to achieve any set fundraising target


Cultivation Calendar

Use this calendar to plan out contacts with all prospective donors to a Major Gifts Campaign.


Major Gifts Action List

Use this Action List to guide you in preparation and execution in any Major Gifts campaign.


Major Gifts Prospecting Guide

Use this guide to help identify good donor prospects to add to your Prospect List


January Major Donors Appeal Letter

Use this letter to kick-start the year’s Major Gifts fundraising effort.


Chair of Trustees Appeal Letter

Use this letter during the Major Gifts Appeal year.


Major Donor Letter – Annual Gift Appeal

Use this letter to ask for a one-off annual gift


Major Donors Annual Report cover letter introducing legacy giving

Use this letter to introduce donors to the possibility of donating to the charity with a gift in their will.


Annual Review/Report letter

Use this letter to accompany the charity’s annual Review/Report to donors and donor prospects.


Paragraph to add to first letter to Major Donor prospects

This is a useful paragraph to add to a first letter to Major Donor Prospects


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