Fundraising Case Study

Case Study – Small Charity Fundraising Example

Recent campaigns by charities using the methods outlined in “How to Fundraise

A true story

Here’s a case study from our Client that vividly describes the principles they used from our Fundraising Blueprint Library and how they successfully applied our small charity fundraising methods to raise more money through direct mail donations than they needed for their animal shelter project.

Our client, who runs a very successful but small animal rescue shelter, came to us and said:

“We need to build new stables for our rescued horses before the winter sets in. We’ve got the architect’s drawings, planning permission, builder’s quote. We’ve even concreted the entrance to the field ready for builders’ lorries. The only thing we haven’t got is the £9000 spare to build the stables.”

Based on all the principles outlined in Small Charity Fundraising, a special urgent appeal was prepared and sent to 4003 people who had never heard of the charity before.

After a few days the first few donations started arriving. The first donation envelope contained a postal order for 16p. The second envelope contained a cheque for £9000.

More cheques arrived in the following days. The total raised to date is £17,921.10.

Small Charity Fundraising is the product of over 50 years combined experience in fundraising of all kinds by the team at Raisemore, the fundraising consultancy that helps small charities to grow.

The methods in Small Charity Fundraising have all been used either by team members individually in their past work or as members of Raisemore and are being used every day.

These are the same methods being used by the big, successful charities in the UK today.

We believe that, by making these methods accessible to small charities, we can create a level playing field in which small charities can not only survive, but thrive and grow.

Fundraising Case Study