Why small charity fundraising is so hard: New research findings point the way.

Research* has highlighted the answer to why small charity fundraising is so challenging. Small charities hold events, bake cakes and shake collecting tins and do other forms of ‘community fundraising’. But they are missing out on a huge opportunity in Individual Giving and Corporate fundraising because they are unsure what to do.

A huge opportunity missed – donors want to give money, but just aren’t asked.

The same research finds that individual and company donors far prefer to support small, local causes than national ones. Donors are out there wanting to give money to a small charity like yours, but they just aren’t being asked.

Could your charity raise at least £50,000 of additional funding from company and individual donors – including big gifts and legacies? Try our Fundraising Blueprint for one month.

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*by NFP Synergy; Raisemore, Association of Chairs (of Trustees) NCVO Almanac 2018.

Quick Quiz: How is a small charity most likely to raise an extra £50,000 in less than 12 months?

Sell 200,000 portions of cake at 25p per slice?
Collect 500,000 10p coins in collecting tins?
Sell 50,000 raffle tickets at £1 a time?
Hold enough events for 10,000 people to spend an average of £5 a time?
Get 500 local businesses to give £100 each?

Answer: None of the above.

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