Who produced Fundraising Blueprint?

The team at Raisemore produced it. It’s based on their collective 50+ years of experience gained from managing over 2000 appeals in the last 30 years. We are a team of 5 and operate from a 3000 sq. ft converted factory building in Herefordshire.

What exactly is it?

Fundraising Blueprint is a combination of 2 key elements needed for successful fundraising: the methods to use and the wording to use when implementing the methods. Just knowing the methods on its own only takes you halfway there. You also need to use proven forms and structures of copy. The methods are all set out in the documents marked “Guidebook”. The copy to use in over 83 different situations is in the documents marked “Copy”

How do I know I can rely on the methods outlined in the Guidebooks?

You can rely on them because they have been proven to work in over 2000 successful campaigns. The collection of letters and documents that make up Fundraising Blueprint are the “best of the best” and can be trusted to raise money for any cause.

What’s the best way of buying these resources?

The whole set is over 400 pages, so you definitely won’t need all of these immediately – though you are welcome to buy them all of course! We suggest buying one or two guidebooks and a selection of the documents that apply. Then build your collection from there. You will see that everything you need for successful, compliant fundraising is there in one, easy to access place. As you use Fundraising Blueprint you will see it really does contain practical guidance on how to set up ‘proper’ fundraising programmes, such as Digital Fundraising, Individual Giving, ( Small and large cash donations for core funding or ‘bricks and mortar’ projects, Lagacy Giving, In-Memoriam) and on through Trusts to Companies and Community. You’ll see that all the relevant legislation, Codes of Practice and Official Guidance Notes ( such as on Data Privacy post-GDPR) are all there too.

If I sign up am I locked into a long contract?

No, there’s no contract. Just buy whichever documents you need at the time you need them.

Why is the price so low?

Our mission is to enable small charities to benefit from the same fundraising knowhow that propels the success of the big players. The price is designed to make sure that Small Charity Fundraising is accessible to any and every small charity.

Why one-off purchase rather than a subscription?

Best practice advice and regulation of fundraising is constantly changing. All fundraisers need to be aware of these developments. Fundraising Blueprint is constantly being updated and added to. It means that everything any fundraiser needs is always in one place, quickly accessible on the web.

What are all these methods you talk about?

Simply contacting the right source of funds – individuals, companies and grant-making trusts – with the right message at the right time delivered in the right way.

Why are the big charities so successful at fundraising?

Only because they target all sources of funding using the right media ( ie email, social media, content, Facebook and Google ads, text, TV and paper) in a constant, relentless stream of communications. It’s a non-stop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using all media non-stop.

Why are small charities so much less successful at fundraising?

Just 2 reasons: lack of knowhow of the specialist techniques needed; and lack of time and effort resources to output enough applications. But armed with the right knowhow, tools and resources any small charity’s fundraisers can grow much more effective fundraising programmes. Maybe not as intricate and obviously on a smaller scale, but still very effective.

What makes you sure people will want to donate?

Research has shown time after time that donors actually greatly prefer to support small local causes. It just that they aren’t asked to help. And our own experience backs this up. Appeals for smaller local organisations are often 30-50% more effective than national charities manage.

Can I share documents with others in the office?

Yes, you can buy individually and let others use your documents, or you can keep them to yourself. Many purchasers, such as Trustees for example, purchase them for the charity to use.

If I have further questions, who do I ask?

Just send a message on our contact page.