About Us

About Us

Small Charity Fundraising is produced by a team of 5 fundraisers and communicators specialising in digital, online and offline media.

Our mission is to help smaller charities raise the money they need for the vital, on the ground, local work they do. With the cuts in local authority funding in recent years, it is even more important that smaller charities have the resources to fill the void in local services.

Why small charities struggle to raise funds

Research conducted by Raisemore, (www.raisemore.co.uk) Small Charity Fundraising’s sister agency, has highlighted why smaller charities struggle to the raise money they need. The conclusions are very clear and are backed up by research carried out by other influential bodies, such as the Association of Chairs (of charity trustees).

Small charities struggle for two main reasons: lack of technical fundraising ‘knowhow’ – they find it very difficult to build knowledge of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how full-spectrum fundraising actually works ( ‘full-spectrum’ meaning the kind of across the board fundraising that the big charities do). And they struggle to hire, pay and retain fundraisers who do have practical knowledge of full-spectrum of fundraising.

Over-reliance on events and community fundraising

As a result, smaller charities place an over-reliance on events and trust applications. Most do not have any ongoing individual giving fundraising campaigns at all. This means they miss out on donations from individuals which are the life-blood of most of the top 100 fundraising charities. 90% of all charity donations are from individuals. Small charities are missing out on this.

Local donors want to give to small charities locally

All this when the same research shows conclusively that local donors far prefer to support local causes, where they can directly see their money making a difference. It’s just that these donors are simply not asked.

Levelling the playing field

Small Charity Fundraising is setting out to correct this imbalance by providing to smaller charities the proper nuts and bolts knowhow to do exactly the same kind of fundraising the big charities do, just on a smaller scale.


Q: Who produced Small Charity Fundraising?

A: The team at Raisemore (www.raisemore.co.uk) produced it. It’s based on their collective 50+ years of experience gained from managing over 2000 appeals in the last 30 years. We operate from a 3000 sq. ft converted factory building in Herefordshire.


Q: What of value will I find out during my first month’s subscription?

A: The whole site is 3000 pages, so you definitely won’t cover all of those! But you will see that everything you need for successful, compliant fundraising is there in one, easy to access place. You’ll see that our members’ How-to-Manual ( called “ Fundraising Blueprint”) really does contain practical guidance on how to set up ‘proper’ fundraising programmes, such as Digital Fundraising, Individual Giving, ( Small and large cash donations for core funding or ‘bricks and mortar’ projects), Lagacy Giving, In-Memoriam) and on through Trusts to Companies and Community Fundraising and Events. You’ll see that all the relevant legislation, Codes of Practice and Official Guidance Notes ( such as on Data Privacy post-GDPR) are all there too.


Q: If I sign up am I locked into a long contract?

A: No, there’s no contract. Its just £9 a month and you can stop or re-start any time.


Q: Why is the price so low?

A: Our mission is to enable small charities to benefit from the same fundraising knowhow that propels the success of the big players. The price is designed to make sure that Small Charity Fundraising is accessible to any and every small charity.


Q: Why a subscription rather than one-off purchase?

A: Best practice advice and regulation of fundraising is constantly changing. All fundraisers need to be aware of these developments. So Small Charity Fundraising is constantly being updated and added to. It means that everything any fundraiser needs is always in one place, quickly accessible on the web.


Q: What are all these methods you talk about?

A: Simply contacting the right source of funds – individuals, companies and grant-making trusts – with the right message at the right time delivered in the right way.


Q: Why are the big charities so successful at fundraising?

A: Only because they target all sources of funding using the right media ( ie email, social media, content, Facebook and Google ads, text, TV and paper) in a constant, relentless stream of communications. It’s a non-stop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using all media non-stop.


Q: Why are small charities so much less successful at fundraising?

A: Just 2 reasons: lack of knowhow of the specialist techniques needed; and lack of time and effort resources to output enough applications. But armed with the right knowhow, tools and resources any small charity’s fundraisers can grow much more effective fundraising programmes. Maybe not as intricate and obviously on a smaller scale, but still very effective.


Q: What makes you sure people will want to donate?

A: Research has shown time after time that donors actually greatly prefer to support small local causes. It just that they aren’t asked to help. And our own experience backs this up. Appeals for smaller local organisations are often 30-50% more effective than national charities manage.


Q: Can I share a subscription with others in the office?

A: Yes, you can subscribe individually and let others use your login, or you can keep it to yourself. Many subscribers, such as Trustees for example, purchase it for the charity to use.


Q: If I have further questions, who do I ask?

A: Just send a message on our contact page


“We are really pleased with the friendly and professional relationship we have with them. They are an excellent team, and as a small charity, we really appreciate their help.”


Founder, Animal Rescue Farm

“Within 3 months we’ve landed 2 significant grants, and have a fundraising programme any much larger charity would be proud of”

Rod Scott

Founder, The Desert Rats Association

“A huge support to us: advising on how to present and achieve our objectives, as well as taking us from nothing to surprisingly good results in terms of marketing. Thanks to them, we will now be in a position to help fund vital university, charitable and health service work – nationally and worldwide.”

Gareth Edwards

Founder, Farplace Animal Rescue

“it has focused our marketing effort and shown us new ways to publicise our cause; it has given us a regular source of income which underpins our core costs; and most importantly for us it means we have an outsourced mailing department which requires very little supervision.
Their structure, ideas and methods are both supportive and well grounded”

Trustee, Cancer and Polio Research

Case Histories

Recent campaigns by charities using the methods outlined in “How to Fundraise”

A true story

Here’s a story that vividly describes the principles in Small Charity Fundraising at work. And, more importantly, explains how smaller charities can benefit.

This happened very recently, which makes it even more telling.

A client who runs a very successful but small animal rescue shelter came to us and said:

“ We need to build new stables for our rescued horses before the winter sets in. We’ve got architect’s drawings, planning permission, builder’s quote. We’ve even concreted the entrance to the field ready for builders’ lorries. The only thing we haven’t got is the £9000 spare to build the stables.”

Based on all the principles outlined in Small Charity Fundraising, a special urgent appeal was prepared and sent to 4003 people who had never heard of the charity before.

After a few days the first few donations started arriving. The first donation envelope contained a postal order for 16p. The second envelope contained a cheque for £9000.

More cheques arrived in the following days. The total raised to date is £17,921.10.

Small Charity Fundraising is the product of over 50 years combined experience in fundraising of all kinds by the team at Raisemore, the fundraising consultancy that helps small charities to grow. The methods in Small Charity Fundraising have all been used either by team members individually in their past work or as members of Raisemore and are being used every day.

These are the same methods being used by the big, successful charities in the UK today.

We believe that, by making these methods accessible to small charities, we can create a level playing field in which small charities can not only survive, but thrive and grow.