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The Fundraising Blueprint for Charities & Nonprofits In A Digital Age.

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A Blueprint for fundraising

A 250-page practical handbook on how to implement all the main types of fundraising used by big charities. It’s online and constantly updated.

Online Compliance Library

Your own personal compliance library of all the laws, regulations, codes of practice and official guideline notes all charities must know.

Monthly Update

Fundraising strategy monthly update to ensure your team stays ahead of all the new developments in fundraising and compliance.

Complete Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising Blueprint is your complete fundraising toolkit that will help your charity raise more money.

The Fundraising Blueprint contains Everything charity trustees, directors and fundraisers need to know about planning and executing successful fundraising campaigns in a digital age; and keeping compliant at all times. It brings to thousands of smaller charities the know-how used by all the big charities in one powerful, constantly updated package.

Help your team become fundraising experts & Stay Compliant at all times.

Don’t let lack of knowhow or experience hold back your fund-raising team. Apply the guidance in Fundraising Blueprint and raise money quickly and effectively.

Focus on what matters while knowing you are compliant.

Fundraising is tougher than ever. Fundraising Regulations are more complex than ever. With the Fundraising Blueprint you and your team will overcome the challenge, and be in control of the mass of fundraising regulation.

Be the first to know about changes to regulations.

Everything you need to know about fundraising regulations. All in one place, constantly updated, simply explained. Get notified whenever regulations change.

The Essential Guide to Fundraising

What’s included:


Codes of practice

All the relevant Codes of Practice issued by The Information Commissioner, Advertising Standards Authority, Institute of Fundraising, Direct Marketing Association and other authorities.

A Blueprint for Charity Fundraising and Fundraising Regulation

A 250 page practical guide to effective fundraising and Fundraising Regulation with planning templates and other tools to create a robust, compliant and sustainable fundraising strategy.


Legal Regulation

All of the Acts of Parliament and Regulations Trustees need to know about and comply with.


Official Guidance Notes

Guidance notes from the Charity Commission, Government departments and other regulatory bodies.


White papers

A selection of over 60 white papers, thought pieces, ‘how to’ guides and other ‘best of the best’ articles gathered over the last 10 years.

Monthly Newsletter and weekly alerts

Monday Minute weekly alert and monthly Trustee’s briefing. Keep you up to date with changes in regulation from the moment they are proposed to coming in force.

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